Ordering of the VideoMath DVD

The DVD and VHS of the VideoMath Festival referenced as

VideoMath Festival at ICM´98
Hans-Christian Hege and Konrad Polthier (eds.)
Springer Verlag 1998 (VHS) and 2005 (DVD)

are published by Springer-Verlag in the VideoMATH series. The DVD contains most short videos shown during festival in Berlin plus additionally the movie Outside In from the Geometry Center and Geodesics and Waves. For the content of the collection see Cassette.

Originally the video cassette was distributed in two VHS versions:

ISBN 3-540-92633-X (VHS NTSC)
ISBN 3-540-92634-8 (VHS PAL).

The DVD version is available online, for example, at:

The videos are all in English.

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