Scenes from Video Touching Soap Films
Architectural buildings behind Kalle watching soap bubbles Architectural Buildings Influenced by Minimal Surface Theory (8.6MB, 2.3MB)
  1. Light Roof Constructions, Architect Frei Otto
  2. Munich Olympic Stadium, Berlin Congress Hall
  3. Tent Constructions
Plateau's Magic Surface and Technique of Building Handles (15.4MB, 4.2MB)
  1. Plateau Boundary Problem
  2. Handle Insertion in Schwarz P-Surface
  3. Conjugate Surface Construction
The Professor Guides Through the Palace
  1. Rubber Band (1.7MB, 0.4MB)
  2. Charts (3.5MB, 0.9MB)
Existence, Uniqueness and Stability
  1. Stable Plateau Solution (1.9MB, 0.5MB)
  2. Non-Uniqueness, two Rings  (1.5MB, 0.4MB)
  3. Non-Existence (R. Schoen) (8.0MB, 1.2MB)
Soap Film Machine (3.6MB, 1.0MB)
Minimal History Exhibition (15.5MB, 4.2MB)
  1. Helicoid (10.1MB, 2.7MB)
  2. Enneper (1.9MB, 0.5MB)
  3. Riemann (2.0MB, 0.5MB)
  4. Gackstatter (2.6MB, 0.7MB)
  5. Costa (3.5MB, 0.9MB)
Periodic Surfaces
  1. Scherk Surface (6.9MB, 1.8MB)
  2. Periodicity
  3. Reflection Principles (10.8MB, 2.9MB)
New Minimal Surfaces in Euclidean and Hyperbolic Space
  1. Adding Ends to the Catenoid (6.2MB, 1.7MB)
  2. Deforming Catenoid and Enneper (2.5MB, 0.6MB)
  3. Adding Handles to Schwarz-P (3.2MB, 0.9MB)
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