Ordering of Touching Soap Films

German Edition (Palast der Seifenhäute)

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New: DVD-version in production ...

Since November 1995 the German version of the video is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland under the labels of Bild der Wissenschaft, a popular scientific magazine, and Komplett-Media, a video distributor formerly known as Komplett-Video. Both video cassettes contain the same version of the video. The advertisement sheet (290K) of Komplett-Video contains an order form and a short introduction of the video.

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English Version (Touching Soap Films)

The English version is published by Springer Verlag worldwide as PAL and NTSC version in the new series Springer VideoMATH.

Portuguese Version (Touching Soap Films)

The Portuguese version was distributed to all schools in Portugal by CMAF/Lisbon. The cassette is available from CMAF.


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