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With Oorange we have endeavored to create a virtual laboratory for conducting mathematical experiments. Our strategy was to design and implement infrastructure services that correspond to the component elements of the experimental process, and then to assemble these components into a seamless whole. We have confirmed the essential features of the design. We consider the following features to be particularly important advances on the existing solutions:

Synergy of Tcl and Objective C layers allowing easy prototyping and gradual learning curve without sacrificing high performance.
Object- rather than action-based network model.
Ubiquitous presence of time in the model.
Easy integration of existing resources (either as C-code or as co-executable).

With the distribution of Version 1.0 to the general public we hope that a wider user community will find its way to join the development outlined above.

Copyright © 1997 Sonderforschungsbereich 288, Differential Geometry and Quantum Physics, TU-Berlin