Visualizing Maple Plots with JavaViewLib

in: Algebra, Geometry, and Software Systems, M. Joswig and N. Takayama (Eds.) Springer Verlag (2003), pp. 255-275.

Steven P. Dugaro and Konrad Polthier


JavaViewLib is a new Maple package combined with the JavaView visualization toolkit that adds new interactivity to Maple plots in both web pages and worksheets. It provides a superior viewing environment to enhance plots in Maple by adding several features to plots' interactivity, such as mouse-controlled scaling, translation, rotation in 2d, 3d, and 4d, auto-view modes, animation, picking, material colors, texture and transparency. The arc-ball rotation makes geometry viewing smoother and less directionally constrained than in Maple. Furthermore, it offers geometric modeling features that allow plots to be manipulated and imported into a worksheet. Several commands are available to export Maple plots to interactive web pages while keeping interactivity. JavaViewLib is available as an official Maple Powertool.

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