Digital Models and Computer Assisted Proofs

(in: Newsletter of the EMS, 2000.)

Michael Joswig and Konrad Polthier


The first collection of reviewed electronic geometry models is available online at the new Internet server This archive is open for any geometer to publish new geometric models, or to browse this site for material to be used in education and research. Access to the server is free of charge.

The geometry models in this archive cover a broad range of mathematical topics from geometry, topology, and, to some extent, from numerics. Examples are geometric surfaces, algebraic surfaces, topological knots, simplicial complexes, vector fields, curves on surfaces, convex polytopes, and, in some cases, experimental data from finite element simulations.

All models of this archive are reviewed by an international team of editors. The criteria for acceptance follow the basic rules of mathematical journals and are based on the formal correctness of the data set, the technical quality, and the mathematical relevance. This strict reviewing process ensures that users of the EG-Models archive obtain reliable and enduring geometry models. For example, the availability of certified geometry models allows for the validation of numerical experiments by third parties. All models are accompanied by a suitable mathematical description. The most important models will be reviewed by the Zentralblatt für Mathematik.

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