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Visualizing Data from Time-Dependent Adaptive Simulations

R.-T. Happe, M. Rumpf, M. Wierse
Universität Freiburg

K. Polthier
TU Berlin


Many interesting effects in scientific computing, such as shocks, flames, or vortex cores, are local in space and move in time. Recent numerical methods resolve these fine scales by adaptive meshes. We present a visualization approach to the handling of time-dependent data on grids with varying zones of refinement. This includes interactively working on arbitrary interpolated time cuts and an appropriate framework for vector field integration and structures for sceneries of icons representing tensor information at moving points of interest. We especially emphasize the relations between the numerical algorithms and visualization tools.

This text picks up, as a starting point, the concept developed by the authors in a previous paper and discusses applicability and extensions in the context of adaptive simulations.


Institut für Angewandte Mathematik
Universität Freiburg
Mon Jul 24 23:57:35 MDT 1995